Effortlessly bulk delete tweets.

Enhance your Twitter image effortlessly with the best solution for quickly removing old tweets and likes


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Reset Your Twitter Timeline with Ease and Speed .

Enhanced Filtering Capability
Harness the power of our advanced filtering system to effortlessly determine which tweets to delete, based on your unique criteria or predefined conditions.
Streamlined Bulk Removal
Regain control over your Twitter profile and enhance your privacy by effortlessly removing all tweets, likes, and retweets with a simple click, giving your profile a fresh start.
Preserve Your Tweets
Ensure the longevity of your Twitter presence with our tool, offering the ability to save and retrieve deleted tweets, giving you complete control and peace of mind.
Automated Efficiency
Optimize your Twitter experience by setting up and running advanced automatic tasks that work silently in the background, ensuring consistent deletion of your tweets and likes with ease.
How it work
Sign in with Twitter

Ensure that you are already logged in to your Twitter account in your browser.

Set up filtering criteria

Specify the filtering criteria or preferences for the tweets you want to delete.

Delete and export

Click once to delete and export the deleted tweets!

Illustration of a mobile phone displaying a Twitter interface with tweets being thrown into a trash can, symbolizing the deletion of unwanted tweets and likes.

Our Pricing

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In our free plan,you can experience the basic features below:

  • All basic features
  • Customized Filtering
  • Unlimited Deletions
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Our most popular package is the Monthly Plan which gives you access to the following:

  • All features and updates
  • Backup and Export Data
  • Unsubscribe anytime



With our Yearly plan you can take advantage of all the following features:

  • All features and updates
  • Timely Support and Service
  • Unsubscribe anytime


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“DeleteTweets is incredibly convenient! With just one click, I can delete my outdated tweets and likes, giving my Twitter account a fresh start. I no longer have to worry about past content affecting my image!”

Liam Alexander

“With DeleteTweets, I can customize the filtering criteria and delete specific tweets that I want to remove. It's a powerful and efficient tool that adds convenience and flexibility to my Twitter experience.”

Amelia Grace

“The one-click deletion feature of DeleteTweets allows me to effortlessly clean up my tweet history and keep my account updated and tidy. It truly saves me a lot of time and effort.”

Olivia Rose

“The unlimited deletion feature of DeleteTweets allows me to freely delete any number of tweets without restrictions. It's a delightful feature that enables me to better manage my Twitter content.”

Noah Benjamin

“With DeleteTweets, I can easily backup and export my deleted tweets, providing me with added security and convenience. I can always access and restore the content I need.”

Isabella Marie

“DeleteTweets gives me the ability to not only delete tweets but also remove likes, greatly enhancing my privacy and control. I feel more secure and empowered.”

Sophia Elizabeth

“With DeleteTweets, I can easily manage my tweets and likes, removing unwanted content. It provides me with a clean and optimized Twitter experience, and I'm extremely satisfied!”

Ava Grace

Frequently asked questions

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Is my data secure when using this plugin?
Absolutely. All data processing takes place within your browser, without any uploads to the cloud. We prioritize the privacy and security of your data, ensuring a guaranteed level of data safety.
What additional benefits come with a premium account?
premium account unlocks all limitations, allowing you to fully experience the capabilities of the DeleteTweets plugin.
When can I unsubscribe, and how easy is it to manage my subscription?
Anytime! You have the freedom to unsubscribe whenever you wish. We offer a user-friendly self-management subscription option, giving you complete control over your usage plans and ensuring flexibility at all times.